Presentation at Tardos

It’s a great pleasure to call a member of our radio club (even as a private person) to perform. Success is not his, but the community – we all know. But that’s okay. Tardos is located in Komárom-Esztergom county. The quarry here is very famous. The Don-bend memorial tour took place the other day.


The photo shows the almost completely restored R / 1a radio of the Hungarian Royal Army. On the left side of the radio you can observe the details of the frame antenna. The equipment will soon be presented in a large article.

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Miracle in Rétság

Rétság is a city to the north of Budapest. At the “foot of” the Börzsöny Mountains. There used to be a huge tank base here. The base is empty today – but many people in the city keep the traditions. One of them is László Pfaff. Laci is known by many – but not enough. This article adds more people to Laci’s unmatched military technology collection. He has military chemistry materials, one or two of his articles are envied by museums.


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