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Following our great article on the R / 2 model, we will present a description of the original radio of the Hungarian Royal Army. We do this because we only had one copy left of this device, even though it originally produced thousands of six hundred and ninety pieces.

Right from the beginning we clarify, the following data comes from one of the surviving summaries of the Hungarian Military Engineering Institute of the Hungarian Royal Army, so they can be seen as official.

The R / 2 transmitter is standard RT. and the Telephone Factory RT. made by. Its main dimensions are 457x350x225 millimeters, weighing 16.7 kilograms. The price of the 1942-43 round was 986 Pengő, and made a total of one thousand and six hundred ninety pieces of it. The production started half a year after the order, and the two companies released 80-100 copies each month.

The wavelength of the radio lasted from 4,980 to 7,25 kc / sec – it is 60-41.1 meters, while the current number ranges from 611 to 677. Its range on the plains in the AM telephones was two and three in the mountainous terrain a mile and a half kilometers away. (If the frame antennas were looking at each other.) Transported on the back of a soldier either on a national vehicle or on a car. His installation took three minutes and served as a constant changeover by three soldiers. He worked for about ninety hours from a dry-house at 1/3 of the broadcast and reception ratio. The current consumption of the four Voltos heating was two hundred and ten milliamps from the anvil voltage of about a hundred volts. There were a total of four electron tubes in it: a TKK-2 and three TKF-4s. Their military code’s were 2 and 7.

The picture above is the R / 2 wiring diagram. The radio is super-powered. The modulation is Heising-based, the antenna output is up to 0.3 watts, which was controlled by a soldier with a vibration control lamp. The actual tensions of the drying plant were measured using the instrument in the kit. The so-called tapping quartz was used for wave checking.

It was customary for the battalion battalions, including the machine gun and cycling stardom. For each battalion or every century, a copy was made of it.

He’s been running so long.

If you have any questions, feel free to put it, and we will try to answer it to our best knowledge.

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