During the later part of 1998 a few amateur radio enthusiasts decided to organize their ham activities under the auspices of a radio-club, and hence founded the Budapest Fővárosi Rádióamatőr Klub (CAPITAL CITY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB OF BUDAPEST). The ten influential founding members were already well known in the amateur radio circles by having demonstrated their technical and operational skills. As soon as the club was organized, soon we actively participated in amateur radio contests, represented our club at professional forums, and with new achievements we expanded the opportunities of the amateur radio operators of Hungary (for example, the installation of new repeaters).

Our goals are:

  1. to increase the collaboration of amateur radio operators
  2. to organize, coordinate, and manage their activities
  3. to educate and increase the expertise of amateur radio operators in technical and operational areas, and
  4. to encourage the acquisition of foreign languages.

We collaborate with grammar schools, high schools, youth organizations, as well as institutions of higher learning in order to instill interest, and encourage the youth to become captivated by science, technology, and the study of languages. We train interested individuals, potential amateur radio operators by teaching prep-courses several times during the year, to prepare them to take an examination and obtain an amateur radio license. During such prep-courses, participants are taught and exposed to analog and digital technology, radio communications operation, as well as practical, hands-on on-the-air activity with other ham radio operators. After completion of a prep-course, those who successfully pass the ham radio exam at the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary), have the option to join the Amateur Radio Club of Budapest.

Our radio club participates in national and international amateur radio contests, as well as in organizing such activities. The radio stations are favorably located (height of the QTH) and very well equipped, thus our contest teams have an outstanding opportunity to excel. These stations are continuously being upgraded.

New Membership

We welcome all licensed radio operators to join our ranks. If you are not a member of a radio club, you would love operating a radio, but you do not have your own setup, consider joining us. You will have an opportunity to operate on the HF, VHF, and UHF bands with our amateur radio equipment. You may also operate from our contest station locations. We continuously enroll new members. After having read our bylaw and ethical standards, and accept their content, you have nothing else to do than fill out the registration form and email it to ha5kdr@ha5kdr.hu or bring it to a club day.

Officers of the Club

István Száraz HA7PTY
Katalin Farkas HG9CAT
Daniel Molnar HA5TBN
Adam Porneki HA8ADI
Gabor Radics HG7RED
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Balazs Gollner HA5GB
Supervisory Board Members: Istvan Kiss HA5IKS
Akos Szeift HA5AS

Update: 2023 January 3.

  1. I had a great chat with HA7PC this evening (morning for you all). Hope to hear more of you all on 30c or 37c.


  2. Thanks for the nice welcome given during my visit to your club station during 4th July 2016. Was a great pleasure meeting you all and making your acquantance.
    Wishing you all good luck , keep on the good work ! Hope to revisit again soon in the future.
    Mike 9H5DX

  3. My wife andI are visiting Budapest for the first time March 22 to 28. I collect and restore radios, mainly models made in the 1930s. Are there any events or places to go you would suggest?

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