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Hello, visitor! I welcome you to the website of the radio club! As you may already sensed wholeheartedly toward costumes for military radios. This relationship goes so far that these devices work like the most - and this is my desire great good luck in Szentendre, the HDF NCO Academy who is livable. If you have questions about my hobbies or associated with the collection, feel free to contact me! I was home! :) And one more thing: the „lomhalom” (in Hungarian) phrase I use my full honors. The reason for the warning is merely to give collectors of the Anglo-Saxon word „boatanchor” a hobby (worship?) the subject - and this is known to be ship ballast, anchor means. Not wanting to steal his ideas have found out to their friends in the „lomhalmot," and as we see, it will be increasingly accepted among hobbyist. 73 Friendship! HA5CBM Miklós Military Section

Retro Feeling – Regen Tube Receiver

by Istvan Agg, HA5CLF / N9EU

Not long ago I got bit by the retro feeling of building a regenerative receiver with electronic tubes, also called “Audion” receiver. What is the Audion or regenerative receiver? This excerpt is quoted from the Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audion_receiver)…

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Presentation at Tardos

It’s a great pleasure to call a member of our radio club (even as a private person) to perform. Success is not his, but the community – we all know. But that’s okay. Tardos is located in Komárom-Esztergom county. The quarry here is very famous. The Don-bend memorial tour took place the other day.


The photo shows the almost completely restored R / 1a radio of the Hungarian Royal Army. On the left side of the radio you can observe the details of the frame antenna. The equipment will soon be presented in a large article.

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Miracle in Rétság

Rétság is a city to the north of Budapest. At the “foot of” the Börzsöny Mountains. There used to be a huge tank base here. The base is empty today – but many people in the city keep the traditions. One of them is László Pfaff. Laci is known by many – but not enough. This article adds more people to Laci’s unmatched military technology collection. He has military chemistry materials, one or two of his articles are envied by museums.


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