Presentation at Tardos

It’s a great pleasure to call a member of our radio club (even as a private person) to perform. Success is not his, but the community – we all know. But that’s okay. Tardos is located in Komárom-Esztergom county. The quarry here is very famous. The Don-bend memorial tour took place the other day.


The photo shows the almost completely restored R / 1a radio of the Hungarian Royal Army. On the left side of the radio you can observe the details of the frame antenna. The equipment will soon be presented in a large article.

The Don bend is a bad memory of Hungarian military history. Many Hungarian soldiers were lost there. They recall the memorial tour for 17 years. Husbandmen (Hungarian and foreign) walk in uniform for four days in the country. They are wiping out with the local population.


The enemy can hear it! ( hallja !) 🙂

We were honored to be able to tell the story of the Hungarian Royal Army’s military news story to nearly 100 people before the request of Balázs Jásdi, a traditionary lieutenant. Originally designed for up to thirty-five or forty-five minutes, the show lasted for two hours except for sixty-minute dinner (delicious goulash and homemade jam pancakes).


Radio station R / 3a. We are planning to show you.

You can read more about the event here. Since google loads a lot of images, we only attach a link, but with a little search you can find more than that.

If you have any questions, please upload it here or privately.


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